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Revolutionize business operations through True Digital Solutions

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Living in the next normal requires companies to accelerate their growth by keeping up with the rapidly changing time and technology. True Digital Solutions enables businesses to solve critical pain points and lead their company towards progress.

While many technological tools are available in the market today, True Digital Solutions is focused on curating available software and hardware, making sure that it’s relevant in the Filipino market, catering to companies of various sizes in three sectors: retail, hospitality,

and agriculture.

Serving functionality to both online and offline stores

The worldwide lockdown resulted in the boom of e-commerce websites with the add-to-cart feature making shopping more convenient while also testing our self-control. This development benefitted not just the home-based shopper but also the business owner who can now keep track of everything online. But how do you extract more from buyer behavior and make the most out of it? With the Algonomy platform, you can get real-time consumer data, merchandising insights, and supplier management to create a hyper-personalized browsing experience for your customer. Pizza Hut Indonesia used Algonomy across all digital channels to deliver targeted campaigns to each and every customer. Local company Prince Retail used this technology to improve ways of working with their vendors by automating supplier collaboration and providing end-to-end visibility for supply chain processes.

However, the brick-and-mortar setup will never go out of style in the Philippines because weekend mall visits are like a family tradition in our country. So how do we apply the same convenient features that e-stores offer to owners and consumers? Deep North can do this by digitizing the physical world using artificial intelligence (AI) and unlocking previously unobtainable analytics data such as monitoring offline customer behavior and foot traffic.

Once you’ve digitally transformed the store, how do you attract more customers? Using the Raydiant cloud screen solution, American fashion brand Kate Spade brought social media and augmented reality into their store experience. They entertained shoppers with fun activities promoting their travel campaigns such as a mix-and-match outfit slot machine, mini-games, and a live Instagram feed. Sales also increased for products shown on the Raydiant platform.

Paperless solutions for the hospitality industry

Along with e-commerce shopping, online ordering also became popular with takeout meals being just a tap away. A definite win especially for those who struggle with face-to-face social interaction and think every meeting should have just been an email. And with hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments fully up and running again, how do we translate that same level of convenience into a larger-scale format?

We can start by unifying content and reducing paper printouts. This way, you don’t need to reprint brochures every time you have to announce an update. Crave uploads this data and helps guests avail of hotel services from the comfort of their own suite. Ordering in-room dining, booking spa appointments and requesting concierge services can now be easily done using a touchscreen tablet. True Digital Solutions has successfully equipped places such as the Pullman Melbourne on Swanston, Lancaster Hotel Bangkok, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and more with these in-room tablets. So there’s no need to pick up the phone or run around looking for assistance.

Now if you’re working in the food and beverage (F&B) business, it’s important to achieve revenue while reducing operational costs. Serve Safely can solve the problem of being short-staffed by utilizing this generation’s smartphone revolution. Diners can use their own mobile device to scan the QR code and view an online menu, customized according to the brand’s look, and select their order.

The hospitality industry also requires being in close contact with customers (including the difficult ones) and the meals and drinks they are consuming. The risk of viral infection is still out there so it’s best to be careful. Management can deal with this now without suffering a complete shutdown of operations. Trace+ can help by screening health risks and advising containment measures in real-time.

Agriculture goes high-tech

Are you all about farm life? While it takes human TLC to cultivate the property, technology can also be there to protect your hard work. Upgrade and track agri-businesses that produce crops, poultry, swine, and aquaculture.

Monitor operations from farm to warehouse to fork on sprawling land and maximize per-acre value. If you’re planting crops, you’ll need Cropin’s predictive intelligence to detect possible pest and disease infestation and find out the best dates for harvesting. To help maintain the most ideal growth conditions, install a grounded multi-sensor device by Fasal so you can get critical data (moisture, temperature, and soil condition) sent to your mobile device from anywhere at any time. These sensors provide granular insights on plant conditions to prevent overfertilization and the excessive use of pesticides. Indian grape farmers from Nashik shared that predictions and alerts helped them save on costs as they were able to take preventive instead of curative measures.

Do you handle livestock production? Then a 24/7 phage-based biosensor from Calyx can help increase the survivability of your animals. According to a swine farm case study, maintaining proper ammonia levels is a must because it can greatly affect the health of pigs. An excessive amount can cause respiratory diseases and poor weight gain. Calyx is able to monitor ammonia, temperature, and humidity levels so you can use the data to create a safer environment.

When dealing with poultry, learn from how Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), the company which produces Chicken Star brand viands, created synergy between traditional practices and future innovations. Using Birdoo’s 3D camera sensing AI, CPF gained access to better prediction and forecasting of poultry weight, making it easier to meet the target weight while reducing the cost of feeds. Birdoo also minimizes size variation and detects any undesired health pattern to ensure poultry uniformity, creating more value in each product.

And if you need help with creating eye-catching content to display on these platforms, you can visit True Creators Studio, which provides creative services executed by a group of trusted industry professionals and influencers.

Adapting to change can be challenging but it can also be empowering. With True Digital’s support, each solution can be tailor-fit to address corporate challenges for better profitability and business growth. But more than ROI, True Digital Solutions can help business owners navigate and commiserate the complex experiences of today’s consumer.


About True Digital Philippines

True Digital Philippines provides support for True Digital Group’s services such as O2O rewards, B2B solutions, data analytics, and digital lifestyle entertainment. True Digital Philippines mirrors True Digital Group’s goal to build lasting consumer, enterprise, and creator connections online and stronger offline. With this, we commit ourselves to raise Filipino pride on an international scale and level up digitally with the rest of the world.

About True Digital Solutions

True Digital Solutions is a business unit under True Digital Group and serves as an innovation partner for enterprises, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and anticipate future needs. Equipped with a diverse and complete ecosystem, it champions transformative innovation brought through its expertise in digital convergence and deep insight across industries. Working collaboratively with its world-class partners, it aims to drive positive change and catalyze sustainable impact for individuals, businesses, and societies.

About True Creators Studio

True Creators Studio (TCS) produces quality and engaging content which caters to brands and talents alike. Through TCS, we can help conceptualize and customize content for marketing campaigns, internal communications, virtual events, social media posts, and other creative content. Book an appointment on the website:


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