When True Digital Group (TDG) sought to expand its operations to Southeast Asia in hopes of uniting the region under a premium brand, the company eventually found itself visiting our sandy shores. With the Philippines dominating the online sphere, one status update at a time, as the social media capital of the world, we immediately caught TDG’s attention. The brand saw great potential in our adaptive and digitally inclined market, championing our knack for finding clever workarounds despite the lack of resources as an emerging country, and thus, True Digital Philippines was born. Reflecting the warmth and friendliness of our nation, we exist to fully support TDG’s goal of building lasting consumer and creator connections online that are made even stronger by cultivating these relationships offline. We are committed to helping TDG hype up the Filipino identity on the international stage and digitally level up our country so we can keep up with the rest of the world as technology marches on.


True Digital Philippines provides support for TDG’s services such as O2O rewards, B2B solutions, data analytics, and digital lifestyle entertainment. Through this initiative, we promote TDG’s aim to serve the human experience by reaching out to consumers, merchants, enterprises, and creators.

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TrueID is a digital lifestyle platform that offers curated online content encompassing various forms of interest such as news, entertainment, food, travel, technology, sports, and learning.

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Get up-to-date news from around the world  

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Know what’s the hottest stories in entertainment

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Find the best cooking recipes and trending food

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Discover the latest upgrades in technology 

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Virtually travel to places far and wide

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Experience the thrill and adventure of the game

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Build knowledge and skills in diverse topics

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Expand your brand's online presence. We offer digital transformation packages, wherever you are on your digital journey.

Bronze Bundle
Kick-off your brand's digital journey. Build audience awareness with TrueID's social media and platform.
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Silver Bundle
Scale-up your brand's digital presence. Grow your online reach through branded efforts on TrueID channels.
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Gold Bronze
Increase your sales. Connect to more potential customers online via the TrueID Marketplace.
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Platinum Bundle
Strengthen your digital footprint. Amplify your digital reach with a full on transformation package that will drive your brand's stability.
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True Digital Group aims to become your digital transformation partner by identifying pain points and presenting effective solutions to daily industry struggles. We can upgrade company performance and improve operational efficiency through means of software, hardware, and services.

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is a cost-effective paperless system for the hospitality business. Click here to see how it works!

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is a grab-and-go indoor retail unit that provides customers with a cashierless and cashless means of shopping.

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is a Location Marketing Cloud consists of the Control Center to manage all location data, and a variety of modular location marketing solutions

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is a plug and play solution that delivers an entirely elevated customer experience that works on multiple senses all at once.

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provides safe order fulfillment to restaurants by using QR codes for customers to book a table, view the menu and pay online.

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allows retailers to gather vital information like customer demographics, customer behavior and waiting times through computer vision and AI cameras.

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is a digital poultry platform that  helps farmers and farm owners accurately track, measure, predict weight and make course correction to reduce supply variability.


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Reimagining Brick and Mortar Retail through AI

Few developments in history have shaken up the retail industry like e-commerce with perhaps only the introduction of “money” (to replace bartering) coming close.  The prevalence of online shopping and all the benefits it brings to the consumer have threatened the very survival of many retailers and brought into question the traditional business model of physical brick and mortar retail stores.  While offline stores will always have a presence, it is certain that the successful ones will have to deliver an enhanced experience for the customer, something that can be learned from the best e-commerce retailers.

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Online Station is the influencer and content creator network business of True Digital
Talent Consultancy

Brand Deals Management


PR Support


Brand and Career Pathing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Identification and Management


Contracting and Management