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Building Future-Proof Businesses in the Next Normal

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —The novel coronavirus has clearly affected businesses of all sizes in the Philippines and many parts of the world over the past two years. It challenged enterprises to modify operations and survive from the effects of the pandemic. And while we are gradually trying to pull through, there is one factor that businesses have started embracing during and after this pandemic is over—digital transformation.

Tech firms have overwhelmingly risen to the challenges thrown their way by the global pandemic. Businesses and individuals around the world relied on tech providers to help them adapt to the new normal, where transactions quickly shifted to online. Like many tech companies, the pandemic presented True Digital Group with an empowering opportunity when launched in the Philippines in 2020 as a digital transformation partner.

Advancing in Digitization

Sharing his experience during the pandemic, True Digital Group Chief Business & Chief Revenue officer, Marco Guida noted that even the group went through heavy digital transformation a few years ago; and with this, they carry with them the experience and expertise to help their partners digitize faster.

For businesses in the Philippines to survive and to thrive in the future, businesses need to understand and embrace new standards of a more agile and interconnected workforce to keep up with today’s business environment.

“The pandemic accelerated businesses who are using digital more and more than they have in the past. This will continue. While people will return offline, online is here to stay. At this point, any business has a strong need to digitize their experiences.” he stresses.

Taking Businesses to the Next Normal

The drastic changes that happened during the pandemic have significantly reframed our future. Digital transformation accelerated, reshaping and transforming the future of their businesses.

Now that things are rapidly going back to old operations, it’s necessary to have a digital transformation partner who understands your needs, struggles and pain points through the process of reshaping business resiliency.

“When it comes to digitization, we have tasted our own food. An effective Digital Transformation partner can provide both digital solutions and digital media where they can provide both for your business and for your customers. True Digital is one of the rare businesses that have both components.” he added.

Empowering your Customers

Listening to the needs of your customers plays a vital role in keeping your business future proof. Customer patterns constantly change, that's why it’s important to work and collaborate with them so you can provide the best solution possible.

Guida concludes that customers feel empowered when we start listening to them. As service providers we want our customers to feel that we are part of their journey from where they are now to where they want to be.

“Giving our customers the opportunity to learn about digital transformation in the next normal will help businesses improve their competency and achieve their goals.” said Marco Guida.

True Digital has gone through hurdles to strengthen their digital solutions practices as supported with the recent launch of True Creators Studio. With these services, they are equipped to serve businesses here in the Philippines and partner with them to support their Digital Transformation journey.


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