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Virgin Active Customer

Updated: Feb 12, 2020


Virgin Active Competes for Thai Fitness Market

by using data analytics to promote the right campaigns for each branch

The Challenge

Fitness clubs and other health businesses has the potential to grow tremendously in the future as Thais are becoming health conscious. Currently, only about 5% of people living in Bangkok are fitness members compared to about 10-15% of people living in other world cities like New York, Washington D.C, and Sydney.

Virgin Active currently has a total of 8 branches, 7 are in Bangkok and 1 is in Chiangmai. The fitness’s plan is to determine the behavioral changes of people exercising outdoors especially for Chiangmai branch. They have partnered with True Analytics to find target customers in each location in order to design the right fitness activities that are suitable for that target.

What we did

Turning crisis into opportunities

Using data analytics tool, our data analysis includes demographic factors,

interest in exercising, health, food, daily life activities as well as tracking where each person visits each day in Chiangmai. We found out that Chiangmai residents loves to exercise outdoors. However, when faced with the annual air pollution, the number of people choosing to exercise outdoors in public parks reduces every year. This is an opportunity for Virgin Fitness to acquire members dramatically during the past years.

Knowing and reaching the right target customers

Another of the fitness’s branch is Virgin Active 101 on Sukhumvit 101 road, which recently opened with the concept of “It’s not just exercising, it’s another level of experience”. This is the largest branch of Virgin Active and has a world renowned GRID group classes. The branch also has Learn to Swim program, the first in Southeast Asia with AustSwim certified trainers who will help members learn the complete swimming skills. The goal of this branch is to acquire new customers who has not started exercising in any fitness in order to reduce the price competitions with other fitness clubs. With this in mind, we used the big data from True Analytics to identify people living around Sukhumvit 101 who are interested in exercising and would be interested to join the new Virgin Active 101 branch. This challenge involves finding customer journey and how to reach the right target customer at the right time.


Dr. Wuttaravee Jaruwattana, Country Manager of Virgin Active Thailand, said “This year, Virgin Active is launching The Power of Enough campaign to promote exercise for self-sufficient lifestyle. It means not overdoing in exercise, but rather we are inviting everyone to create a life goal together. We have a coach that can give recommendations on a mobile application under our concept Make Exercise Anytime Anywhere. This has already started in Europe to promote safe exercise with good results. Another key highlights of all Virgin Fitness branches are the trainer’s expertise as well as classes are designed for the lifestyles of people living in the area. This is made possible by data analytics since the results tells us about different customer lifestyles and how they would choose their exercising activities.”



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