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True Digital partnered with Vantiq to power real-time, integrated IoT services for enterprise custom

Thailand's Largest Digital Technology and Internet Provider True Digital Group Chooses Vantiq to Power Real-time, Integrated IoT Services for Enterprise Customers

WALNUT CREEK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / Vantiq, the leading enterprise development platform for distributed real-time event-driven applications, announced today that True Digital Group (TDG), a subsidiary of True Corporation, Thailand's second-largest telecom service provider, has chosen the Vantiq platform to build and deliver innovative digital enterprise services. Leveraging Vantiq's agile platform for real-time data monitoring and processing at the edge, TDG is providing new smart services that enable business customers to monitor events taking place across digital sensors and IoT devices and automate real-time responses as they occur.

Vantiq enables companies to integrate and distribute data and intelligence across the most diverse and dynamic physical and digital environments and conduct analytics-driven decision-making and real-time event response through automation or human-to-machine collaboration. The Vantiq platform is designed to easily integrate real-time data sources - from cameras to sensors and other IoT devices - and simplify the development of applications that monitor assets, events, people, and environments.

"True Digital Solutions aims to bring digital technology to unleash customers' living experience in the digital ecosystem and integrate digital solutions in business operations across every industry for optimized productivity. Partnering with Vantiq helps us leverage its event-driven platform and create new smart solutions that generate enhanced business outcomes for our customers," said Ekaraj Panjavinin, Managing Director of Digital Solutions at True Digital Group. "We are pleased to take our IoT-enabled digital services to the next level with the unique advantages that Vantiq provides, by monitoring and processing data from a multitude of sources and responding to events in real-time through the combination of AI, machine learning, and human intervention. The solution will help us expand our service offerings into new regions and markets in Southeast Asia."

Vantiq: Integrating IoT Devices and Processing Data in One Unified View the second-largest

TDG delivers a range of enterprise services to customers leveraging data collected from IoT devices and sensors to help them optimize operations, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs. Due to the complexities of trying to integrate a multitude of devices across a customer's environment, and because every device has its way of presenting data, TDG leverages Vantiq's ability to collect and process all data from a customer's environment and provide a single view dashboard of events and people specific to the company's overarching business.

TDG chose the Vantiq platform because it provided a number of unique capabilities, including:

Vantiq's ability to easily integrate all systems and devices, collect data in a meaningful way, and present it in a unified view.

The platform's inherent speed of development, ease of creating backend logic, and improved response time to potentially hazardous situations.

The simplicity with which TDG can build and deliver smart services for individual customers and grant access only to individuals within the companies they are responsible for.

TDG developed a pilot Smart Agriculture Platform to monitor environmental conditions within livestock farms in Thailand. The platform connects to IoT sensors for monitoring conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality, and conducts real-time analytics to detect if conditions are within tolerance ranges. When a situation that needs attention is detected, the platform automatically coordinates the appropriate action by farmworkers and operational management

Similarly, TDG's pilot Smart Property platform provides energy efficiency and usage monitoring across buildings based on data collected every hour of every day. The data shows commercial property managers how tenants consume energy and where they can reduce building maintenance costs by optimizing temperatures based on several criteria. TDG is initially rolling out the Smart Property platform to customers for management of their retail spaces and plans to expand to other types of commercial buildings as well.

"True Digital is demonstrating what is possible with the right technology and innovative thinking," said Miguel Nhuch, CRO for Vantiq. "The ability to process and analyze data from a multitude of IoT and edge devices, and take needed action at the moment events occur, is the way of the future. True Digital and Vantiq are making that future possible today."


About Vantiq

Vantiq is the leading low-code platform for building and deploying real-time distributed solutions. Built on a next-generation event-driven architecture, Vantiq enables highly scalable and low-latency analysis of real-time streaming data from IoT devices, cameras, and enterprise systems to drive situational awareness for safety, security, and operational efficiency. Vantiq was founded in 2015 by software veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. For more information, please visit Vantiq at Or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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