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True Digital Indonesia joined GRACS 2022

True Digital Indonesia joined Information Technology Governance Risk Management, Assurance & Cybersecurity (GRACS) 2022

Jakarta, Indonesia - True Digital Indonesia joined Information Technology Governance Risk Management, Assurance & Cybersecurity (GRACS) 2022 event on 12th - 13th October 2022 at The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

GRACS 2022 is the third national conference held by ISACA Indonesia. It is designed to provide IT GRC and Cybersecurity executives and experts with comprehensive insights regarding various issues and challenges that organizations face in this era of digital and innovations.

The theme of the event is DIGITAL TRUST: RECOVER WITH CONFIDENCE AND INTEGRITY. Which will comprise of topics including Digital Trust, what is the Importance of Privacy in Maintaining Trust, Cybersecurity, the Strategy and Implementation, Automation Emerging Technology AI, Emerging Technology Metaverse, Digital Banking: Towards Optimum Identity Governance, Digital Transformation, Digital Trust in Digital Transformation, Cyber Forensic and Fraud Prevention, How to Build the Culture of Integrity in Digital Business, and How to stay relevant in Digital Transformation? Emphasize Integrity Aspect of People, Process & Technology.

True Digital Indonesia held the booth for Digital Solutions to introduce smart agriculture solutions at the GRACS 2022. Our agriculture solutions designed the help solve pinpoints by using digital transformation. Here is our smart agriculture solutions:

Birdoo: Computer vision and AI: 24/7 eyes tracking for poultry farm management to ensure lower costs, higher yields, and better supply chain planning

Cropin: Enables farming companies with the most accurate and actionable data to make strategic decisions. Our solutions help improve farm operations visibility, field officer productivity, and input usage - everything you need for a successful harvest!

True Digital Cow: modular cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and well-being status of individual cows and groups.

For more information about our solutions and a free demo, please contact us at

Digital Solutions is an innovation partner for enterprises, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and anticipate future needs. Equipped with a diverse and complete ecosystem, it champions transformative innovation brought through its expertise in digital convergence and deep insight across industries. Working collaboratively with its world-class partners, it aims to drive positive change and catalyse sustainable impact for individuals, businesses and societies. Digital solutions is a business unit under True Digital Group.


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