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The 5th Bali International Tourism Conference

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

“suffering & strategy: tourism in the new era” Bali, 16 – 17 November 2021

The world has been suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic for about two years, but still unknown when it will end. The tourism sector is one of the worst affected sectors. There are many challenges on how tourism will be in the near future. The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for researchers to exchange research results and information in tourism, and to facilitate the sharing experiences and the building of network among tourism practitioners and policy makers for further collaboration in research and networking of tourism worldwide, in order to promote appropriate paradigm of tourism in the new era towards sustainable tourism. This conference will be held as an Online Conference (via Zoom Meeting).

True Digital Group has joined the conferenced on the 16 November 2021, with the special session: Digital Solutions for Hospitality to Emerge Stronger by Sulabh K. Dhanuka Head of International - Digital Solutions - True Digital Group

Abstract of the session: Digital Solutions for Hospitality to Emerge Stronger

Hospitality and tourism are some of the most impacted industries from Covid and economies such as Bali that are largely dependent on tourism need bold steps to emerge stronger. Digitalization has to be a key lever in this and can help at both an individual businesses and a government wide level. On top of this, consumers have become much more digitally savvy and expect experiences and touchpoints to be digital, for safety, speed, comfort, and costs. The True Digital Group has been working closely with the hospitality industry in Thailand to deliver various solutions and is excited to be bringing products to Indonesia that will benefit both the hospitality industry and guests alike.

Sulabh started his session by introducing True Digital Group. True Digital Group, a business unit launched by True Corporation - a leading telco conglomerate in Thailand, a company set out to be “digital transformation enabler in Thailand and Southeast Asia” by providing an end-to-end experience for a wide range of digital solutions and services based on the digital needs of consumers, merchants, enterprises and the wider economy through "a group of digital natives" that empowers "the world of limitless possibilities".

Digital Solutions is an innovation partner for enterprises, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and anticipate future needs. Digital solutions is a business unit under True Digital Group, a subsidiary of Thailand’s leading conglomerate True Corporation.

True Digital Solutions offers our contribution by continuing to develop new technologies and innovations to help solve current and future challenges, especially with the Covid-19. We use digital solutions to improve the quality of life for everyone in the society. Starting from the robots that serve in the restaurant and hotel to reduce the physical touch. Moreover with a digital touch screen that customer can search and look through all the information.

Sulabh mentioned The ultimate goal of the hotel is the guest experience. How can we deliver a safe and better guest experience to the customer during the covid-19. While there are some of these pain points that hotel needs to be aware of:

Hotels need to provide a safe experience in the “new normal”

  • Reduce touch-points for guests (e.g. paper menus, phones, etc.)

  • Limit interaction with staff

  • Allow guests to use their own device

Guests expect and value a digital experience.

  • Boost customer experience through efficient and fast service

  • Provide modern app-like interfaces

  • Track and analyze every click

Need to boost profitability has never been greater

  • Replace paper directories and save printing and management costs

  • Make more efficient use of staff

  • Increase sales through new interface

We proudly present our solution to solve these problems and pain points for hospitality: CRAVE. Crave Interactive are experts in creating outstanding digital service solutions for hospitality businesses worldwide. Our solutions increase sales, reduce costs and help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Crave provide hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres, sports venues and festivals with solutions ranging from intelligent mobile order and pay to multi-service hotel solutions. Services can be delivered instantly to the guests’ mobile by QR code or via Crave’s custom hotel tablets.

Our in-room tablets are specifically designed for hotel use and provide the ultimate in-room service experience. Guests can control the room, lighting, curtain, TV, order room service, or even check the promotion that hotel provides to each guest from the tablet.

Moreover, during the covid-19, guests might hesitate to touch the tablet in the room. Our mobile solution uses our ground-breaking AppLess™ technology, so guests can access relevant services instantly via QR codes, whether in their room, the restaurant, a meeting room or beside the pool.

One of the greatest things that Sulabh was talking about CRAVE is that Crave is customizable. It will look like a hotel's own application. The customer will have no idea that it is a third-party application. Hotels can design the style of the platform to fit with their branding and identity.

With over 800 million customer interactions per year, our Cloud based platform is proven and can be relied upon. We use data intelligence together with detailed menu optimization to improve your sales and margins, while collecting valuable data permissions to help you engage with your customers, encouraging them back for further visits.

Here, Try scanning this and try out our platform. Our great range of services includes housekeeping requests, in-room dining ordering, restaurant and poolside ordering, Spa requests, room controls, TV controls, concierge and local area guides. Guest communication can be provided by messaging, voice call and even live video call.

We are proud to have clients from 40 rooms to 4,000 rooms in 30 countries. Our innovative AppLess™ technology allows instant touchless services on guests’ mobiles via QR codes at any location, and our in-room tablets provide the ultimate service experience. In this COVID-19 world we can help you provide better services, more efficiently, while providing your customers with confidence that their safety is important.

Interest for CRAVE solution demo for free please fill in this form

Contact us for more information (Indonesia) at:

For other countries please contact us:

About Sulabh Kumar Dhanuka

Sulabh Dhanuka is the Head of Digital Solutions - International at True Digital Group. He is responsible for the international expansion of all enterprise solutions with a particular focus on hospitality, retail, and agriculture solutions to enable the digital transformation in each of these industries. Prior to True Digital Group, he was a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Co. in Bangkok and Houston, serving clients on strategy, digital transformation, and operations. He is also spent several years at Exxon Mobil in both technical and management roles. Sulabh holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.


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