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Road to Retail Recovery Plan & Revenue Growth for the post-pandemic. Session 3

Road to Retail Recovery Plan & Revenue Growth for the post-pandemic. Session 3: Revenue Growth from Omni-channel with AI-based Personalization.

Abhishek is Retail Evangelist leading South East Asia for Algonomy. He has been instrumental in helping retailers drive

Marketing ROI and Efficient Retail Operations using AI and Advance Analytics.

He enjoys his participation in Retail Technologies from conception to maturity and widespread adoption.

Algonomy means the “systematized knowledge of, and the domain of algorithms”. Just like today’s retail pioneers, we believe it’s time to do away with fragile rules, guess-work and static segments. It’s time you had the ability to act – in real-time. It’s time to be bold in your digital transformation, creative in your strategy and agile in your decisions.

Turn online traffic into loyal customers by leveraging AI-powered hyper-personalisation for every shopper. Tailor your engagement to deliver a personal experience across the customer journey, at every touchpoint.

Personalized search

Deliver a rich, interactive and personalized experience that connects shoppers with the most relevant search results by matching user intent with preferences and wisdom of crowds.

Personalized product recommendations

Create relevant, seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints, driving significant engagement and lift in conversions.

Personalized browse and navigation

Dynamically predict and display product categories that match a customer’s style as they shop, in real-time.

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