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Exploring the Benefits of Next Gen AI Security Operations Center

True Digital Cybersecurity, Thailand's leader in comprehensive cybersecurity services, proudly launches the first-ever Next Gen AI Security Operations Center in Thailand. This cutting-edge service leverages AI technology to enhance digital-age organizations' threat monitoring and cybersecurity efficiency.

Key Features 

🔒 24/7 Monitoring: Accurate detection and analysis of anomalies to enhance threat vigilance and ensure timely responses.

🔧 Security Automation: Real-time, automatic threat management to safeguard crucial systems and data against evolving cyber threats.

👩‍💼 Expert Team: Certified professionals and processes adhering to international standards.

True Digital Cybersecurity organized the seminar on “AI in Cybersecurity”, featuring top-tier partners like CrowdStrike and Vectra AI, to share on adopting AI to improve on cyber defense capability. The seminar also included valuable perspectives from the National Cyber Security Agency and Bangkok Bank on integrating AI in both the public and private sectors.

Tithirat Siripattanalert, Chief Information Security Officer at True Digital Group, emphasized the vision of digital equity for Thai individuals and businesses. She highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in the digital era and the need for AI and ML (Machine Learning) to combat sophisticated cyber threats effectively.

Jakapan Tolyasithseree, Senior Regional Sales Engineer at Crowdstrike Inc., highlighted that AI and ML (Machine Learning) are not replacing human jobs but accelerating efficiency. He noted a 20% increase in data theft involving privileged accounts compared to last year. Hackers are now using Generative AI, Voice Scramblers, and Deepfake technology, exploiting vulnerabilities and targeting tech companies. Therefore, we need to use AI for fast and accurate protection.

Eugene Eng, Regional Manager at Vectra AI, discussed leveraging AI to enhance cybersecurity, particularly in responding to increasingly complex and rapid attacks by suggesting these methods (1) Developing AI-driven models that simulate over 100 hacker behaviors to train AI for precise attack detection (2) Using AI for real-time attack detection, reducing the workload of analysts by filtering out insignificant alerts, leading to quicker and more accurate responses (3) Freeing up administrators’ schedule to focus more on innovation and strategic threat prevention and detection.

Dr. Kitti Kosavisutte, Manager of Information Security and Cybersecurity Governance at Bangkok Bank, further shared 3 types of data analysis using AI:

As is: Analyzing data from various sources to explain the current situation, and identifying existing vulnerabilities.

Prediction: Using data analysis to forecast risks, predicting potential attack vectors and their consequences.

Suggestion: Analyzing data and providing recommendations for enhancing security measures, improving overall safety.

AVM Amorn Chomchoey, Secretary-General of the National Cyber Security Committee (NCSC), emphasized the ethical use of AI for users. He cautioned against utilizing AI for public data to safeguard sensitive information, as it could potentially compromise organizational data. Additionally, he advised verifying the accuracy of data before implementing AI-recommended suggestions.

Join us in advancing Thailand's cybersecurity landscape! 💪🔐



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