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New Age Demand Planning and Category Management for Omnichannel Retail in 2022

On September 8th, 2022, True Digital Solutions Vietnam in partnership with Algonomy and AWS presents Retail Executive Conclave 2022, Vietnam On the topic of “New Age Demand Planning and Category Management for Omnichannel Retail in 2022” at Caravelle Saigon Hotel.

This event is exclusive invite-only where leaders from the top retail companies and retail experts can discuss key challenges while sharing their perspectives, and insight with best practices for success in the retail world.

With our special session from our esteemed guest speakers like Stephen Yap, CIO and VP of Robinsons Retails, Ravi Shankar, Business Head from Algonomy, and Long Nguyen, Head of b2b from True Digital Vietnam.

Stephen Yap, CIO and VP of Robinsons Retails has shared his 5 best practices in demand planning & management below:

  1. Account for dynamic demand factors in your demand planning.

  2. Adopt a disparate approach for short and long shelf-life products.

  3. Proactively adapt to in-store scenarios, taking into account the fast-changing nature of retail.

  4. Leveraging data analysis for new product launches.

  5. Vendor collaboration & process automation as a differentiator: Get the vendor’s shared data and share data with the vendor to enhance the collaboration process.

True Digital partnered with Algonomy to empower leading retail brands to become digital-first with the industry's only real-time Algorithmic Decisioning platform, offering the best technological tools for optimizing company efficiency.

About Alogonomy:

Algonomy enables a digital-first approach for retail brands and provides real-time customer data analytics platform and global retail expertise. It assists users in making the right decision for each customer interaction.

About True Digital Solutions Vietnam:

True Digital Solutions is a business unit under True Digital Group and serves as an innovation partner for enterprises, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and anticipate future needs. Equipped with a diverse and complete ecosystem, it champions transformative innovation brought through its expertise in digital convergence and deep insight across industries. Working collaboratively with its world-class partners, it aims to drive positive change and catalyze sustainable impact for individuals, businesses, and societies.


For more information or free Algonomy demo, please message us at


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