Product Manager (Online and Campaign Management)

Responsible for managing the product throughout the Product Life Cycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, work closing with business owner in defining the product vision. Working closely with engineer, product manager(tech) to deliver winning products. It also includes working with sales, marketing and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. The Product Manager’s job also includes ensuring that the product and marketing efforts support the company’s overall strategy and goals.

Job Descriptions:

- Define the product strategy and roadmap: preparing short term and long-term solution
- Coordinate with PM and PO (Tech) for Implementation. Coordinate with operation and support for issue resolution.
- Communicate effectively with across team: technical and non technical
- Research the market / find product trends to gain a competitive edge on system functionality and designs.


- E-commerce
- Web and Application design: Programming Languages Front-End, Back-End, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Node Js
- Full Stack skills : Git and GitHup, Web architecture,HTTP and REST, Database storage, NPM
- UX/UI: Wireframing,Diagram flow, Visual Design,Interaction Design
- Point and Loyalty platform
- Mobile and network is a plus



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