Platform Engineer Team Lead


• Implemented, tested and monitored microservices in the datacenter cloud environments.
• Serve as an escalation point for other Systems Administrators, Engineers, and other technology teams in the resolution of server and system problems.
• Build, administer, and troubleshoot all mission critical environments (Production, Stage, Dev, Test, QA)
• Performing continuous integration and delivery of new microservices, on-demand trouble shooting of large-scale deployment issues on Linux systems.
• Started and maintained How-To series of knowledge items, sharing acquired information about installation, integration and deployment for Middleware services on privately hosted and public clouds, including AWS, Google and Huawei clouds.
• Enabled continuous build and deployment automation for hybrid cloud environment, expanding integration coverage for software defined enterprise infrastructure.
• Developed and maintained a toolchain framework for configuring, integrating and testing a set of Middleware tools, used to build corporate VMware products and services.
• Created and managed a virtual test lab environment for testing enterprise services inside multitenant cloud infrastructure.

Key Responsibilities

• At least Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Software, Computer Engineering or related fields
• Min 3 years of Platform, DevOps or related fields.
• Experience with Ansible, Terraform
• Experience with relational or NoSQL storage systems
• Experience with microservice architectures
• Experience with Kubernetes
• Experience building and running on public cloud infrastructure.
• Experience with Video conference or WebRTC is a plus.
• Ability to working as collaborative and be a leader in the transformation process work better
• Ability to design and build the infrastructure by fault-tolerant, reliability, scalability, and performance
• Ability to professionally use Linux operating systems (e.g., filesystems, system calls).
• Understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) software with measurement.
• Understanding of monitoring, logging and tracing for helping our team to find the root cause



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