MLOps Engineer

True Digital Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing spin-off from True Corporation Public Company Limited, which is committed to creating the best content delivery platform for music, movies, and privileges to fulfill customer needs.
As an MLOps Engineer, you will be a part of the team responsible for making it easy to deploy, manage, and monitor machine learning models at scale in production. You will help to develop the infrastructure to orchestrate many models, both on premises and on GCP. You will work closely with both data scientists and platform engineers to create intuitive and resilient solutions. You will also be expected to follow the best practices of Agile software development, including high coding quality with testing coverage, and continuous integration and deployment of your solutions.
We value diversity of ideas, frank discussion, open mindset, continuous learning and self improvement to stay on top of the latest developments in this fast-changing field of Big Data and A.I. If this is the right mix for you, apply!


● Design and build scalable machine learning infrastructure for model management, continuous training and deployment, and serving predictions.
● Support the operation services and set up monitoring, to keep our services at the highest level of service agreement.
● Work closely with data scientists, engineers, and product managers to create automated and self-service tools.


● Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or related fields
● Strong experience with containers: Docker, Kubernetes, or OpenShift
● Strong knowledge of Linux and shell scripting
● Strong experience with version control (e.g. git)
● Experience with monitoring tools (e.g. NewRelic, Zabbix)
● Good knowledge of CI/CD and DevOps principles
● Experience building and scaling end to end machine learning systems
● Experience with machine learning pipelines (e.g. Airflow, MLFlow)
● Experience in Jenkins and Terraform is also useful
● Can-do attitude, eager to learn new technologies, open-minded and able to communicate your ideas to others effectively
● BONUS: Expertise in Google Cloud Platform (e.g., BigQuery, PubSub, Dataproc, AI Platform, GKE, etc.)
● BONUS: Prior experience in applying Agile development methodology.
● BONUS: Prior experience in any of the following frameworks or technologies
○ Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Kubeflow, Tensorflow Extends



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