Head of CRM Service & Commerce

This role is responsible for the growth, stability, direction and daily operation of CRM service & Ecommerce for TrueID
Integrate and develop project and business across internal and external stakeholder to make growth
Responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of initiative and KPI results by ensuring they are delivered within budget and time


-Make the business plan and the budget
-Conduct strategic execution and oversee the planning, implement & track of the initiative across stakeholders
-Portray products and services to the right audience
-Approach and collaborate with business partners internally/externally and create mutual business requirement, projection, target, term sheets, and agreement
-Track and report progress and performance, strategic tracking and KPI result and make a viable feasibility assessment / check the chances of success
-Support and provide guidance and advice on the impact or when required by cross functional team
-Able to analyze data and business performance results, included prepare data and generate reports as required.
-Perform other duties as assigned

Typical skills, and background

-5 year in CRM management and marketing in digital business (content & services)
-Business development
-Project Management




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