Data Scientist

Your role

▪ Your role
– You will develop analytical models to predict what customers will do next. Based on our unique data and your analytics skills,
you will provide insights in customer behavior.
– You will build a holistic customer view with your team based on 100s of predictive variables: Who will buy a house soon? Who
will not pay his loan in time or who will respond to a campaign offer if we give a discount?
– You will blow away our clients by modeling out who will visit their shop tomorrow, and who will go to the competitor’s.
– You will cherish the outcome of your work by closely monitoring performance of your models, and continuously improve them
based on new insights and applying new techniques.
▪ You learned over time that creative data management is crucial in developing strong models. You will pragmatically enrich the data
with external data or creatively derive interactions to further improve your models.
▪ You will be backed up with a strong team of data engineers to support you and automate those activities.

Your profile

▪ You have minimum 2 years of relevant experience, in which you have proven your skills and passion in advanced analytics. As you bring more experience, we will give you a more senior role in the team.
▪ You might know some GUI based statistical tools like IBM Modeler or SAS Enterprise Miner, but you are a strong believer in the power of developing statistical scripts. We will work on a Hadoop environment, so exposure to open source languages like Spark, Python or R are desirable. We value your ability to develop exceptional code, so any other statistical language, like SAS or Matlab, would further impress us.
▪ You are passionate about advanced analytics techniques: you show mastery in classical techniques like logistic regression, but also in machine learning techniques like random forests or support vector machines.
▪ You have a solid understanding of data models, and bring basic skills in SQL related languages.

Our offer

▪ We value talent in big data, and have the mission to attract and retain exceptional talent. We will work in a truly agile way and have no time for finger pointing and politics, instead we learn from mistakes and celebrate successes as a team.
▪ We will provide a training and coaching program to all our team members, tailored to your development needs and aspirations. This can cover a wide range of skills, like mastering new technologies, further developing your skills in presenting to a non-technical audience or supporting you to grow in a leadership position.
▪ For the right talent, we are happy to top this off with a generous and more than competitive package.



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