CDN Engineer / Senior CDN Engineer

Responsibilities and Responsibilities

• Operating System (UNIX, Linux, Windows Server, Server Virtualization Technology) and Networking.
• IP routing / Network ip routing
• Knowledge in IP. v4, IP.v6
• Strong knowledge and experienced in network design, implementation, and Trouble Shooting, and solve network
problems in Cisco, Spine, Leaf of network equipment
• Knowledge of System software installation, Performance tuning and Maintenance
• Strong skill and knowledge in computer network, network protocol, computer/network security, system
configuration which includes Load Balancer, firewall, IPS, SIEM, NGINX and server configuration
• Knowledge in Network Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning
• Knowledge in Network Capacity Planning and Management
• Knowledge in Network Architect, Design, Solution for CDN
• Knowledge in Network Engineer will design, install and maintain LAN/WAN on CISCO network
• Certificate for CCNA, CCNP, CCIEo, CCNP would be an advantage

Suggested qualifications

In area of Network Engineering, CDN, Streaming solution



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