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True Digital Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing spin-off from True Corporation Public Company Limited, where it’s committed to creating the best content delivery platform for music, movies, privileges, etc to fulfill the needs of the customers.

As an A.I. Engineer, you will be a part of the team responsible for developing real-time recommendation and other machine-learning services that enhance user experiences for our digital-media products. You will be expected to provide deep scientific insights into architectural design, experimentation, training and evaluation of various machine-learning models and algorithms. Backgrounds in conducting scientific research will definitely be helpful. Once the experimental phase is done, you will put on your software engineering hat and work as a part of the development team to upgrade your proven models into production-grade components, ready for deployment. You will also be expected to follow best practices in Agile software development, from ensuring high coding quality, testing coverage, continuous integration and deployment of your models.

We value open discussion of ideas, open-mindedness, and proactivity to stay at the cutting edge of technology in this fast-changing field of machine learning and A.I. If you feel this is the right mix for you, apply !

Job Description

● Research, design, experiment, train and evaluate various real-time recommender systems and other A.I. services to serve business needs.
● Ensure theoretical design of the models can be efficiently translated into practical engineering design.
● Development of necessary production grade software components.
● Make publications and / or demonstrations of your work.
● Explore other use cases where A.I. can be used to enhance user experiences of our products.


● Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or related fields
● 3-5 years of experience in software development in Python and / or Scala.
● Can-do attitude, eager to learn new technologies, open-minded and able to communicate
your ideas to others effectively.
● Prior experience in developing production grade software.
● BONUS:​ Proven ability to apply scientific methods to solve a problem. Some prior
experience in conducting scientific research and / or writing academic papers.
● BONUS:​ Prior experience in applying Agile development methodology.
● BONUS:​ Prior experience in any of the following frameworks or technologies
○ Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, SQL, Spark, Flask, Tensorflow, Keras, Hive, Google Cloud Platform (e.g., BigQuery, Dataproc, ML Engine, etc.)


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