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True Analytics utilizes our substantial consumer base across multiple platforms to create unique consumer insights through the use of Big Data Analytics that will allow you to better engage your current & potential customers 



We are the enabler of choice to transform businesses for digital revolutions, by leveraging large consumer base, enriched with advanced analytics & technologies to help businesses uncover new opportunities in elevated digital lifestyles

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Market & Consumer Insights Solutions designed to enrich your consumer understanding based on our large & active consumer base with advanced analytics, adding new dimensions to your consumer & market insights through a variety of dashboard, platforms, and reports. 


Marketing Activation Solutions enabling you to reach & engage high potential consumers at the right place and the right time with personalization-at-scale via our cutting-edge audience segmentations and real-time hyper-targeting algorithms through the most suitable channels in our ecosystem.


Business Solutions designed to guide you through the digital transformation process. Our solutions range from talent transformation via employee re-skilling & training to ready-to-deploy digital & IoT platforms to enable your smooth and seamless digital transformation.


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GeoPulse Icon White.png

is a market insights solution that uses unique & highly precise location-based insights on consumer density, with ability to cross reference with our cutting-edge consumer profile, product interest segments, and other Big Data insights.



1. Provide extreme granular and near real-time geo-analytic insights 

2. Enrich density insights with Customer 360 information based on real behaviors & interests 

3. Allow for location comparison to conduct analysis between two locations 

4. Flexible analysis capabilities with simple and easy to use dashboard interface 


Location Exploration

  • How densely populated is a specific area over a specific time of the day? 

  •  What are the characteristics of consumers in the area? 

  •  When should be more operating hours based on consumer behavior? 

  •  Where are the Work/Home/Hangout locations of your preferred consumer?

Location Comparison 

  • How are my stores compared to our close competitors, location by location?

  • Compare side-by-side, which potential site is better than the other?

Market Locator 

  • Where are my prospective clients at different time of the day?

  • Where should I set up booths or on-ground events to drive prospects to the sales office?

Location Optimization 

  • Which store should I close? 

  • Where should I open a new store location? 

  • What type of store should I open for a specific location? 

DigiPulse Icon White.png



is a market insight solution that shows consumers’ digital behavior, engagement level, switching, and other interests across multiple websites & applications.



1. Real digital behavior and usage, not just downloaded app but actual app usage and Engagement.

2. Provide cross applications insights with advance analytic insights to diagnose digital landscape with comparison views of applications or websites in the same industry for better marketing and product strategy planning 

3. Deep insights on specific application or website such as market share, usage pattern, user engagement, churn & switching, and user 360 

4. Granular deep dive capability to see specific performance on specific date of a specific website or app 

5. Compare performance across multiple websites or apps, be it your own, your competition, or your marketing channels/partners 

6. Understand active users to better evaluate the performance of application's or website’s marketing, engagement, loyalty, and more. 

7. Understand user churn and switching across applications and/or websites, knowing precisely to whom the lapsed users are going to 

8. Ability to take immediate action on insights: Stay on top of key business activities by utilizing integrated True's and partnership's campaigns based on data-driven decisions.


Digital strategy planning 

  • Who commands the largest market share? 

  • How loyal are their user base? 

  • How much switching is going on? 

  • Are the active users of different applications or websites different? 

  • If so, how are they different? 

    • Is it usage time?

    • Is it usage frequency?

    • Are the interests different? 

    • Are the physical user locations – home, work, hangout places – different? 

    • How do I differentiate myself?

To understand and plan MAU loss prevention and re-activation 

  • Which active user has lapsed? 

  • Where or whom did they go to? 

  • When did it happen? 

  • What are the common characteristic? 

  • Who should we re-target / re-convert to their application? 

  • When should I launch a campaign to prevent churn?

Discover new user segments and acquire them 

  • Which store should I close? 

  • Where should I open a new store location? 

  • What type of store should I open for a specific location? 

DataPulse Icon Colour-01.png


is a market insight solution that shows consumers’ digital behavior, engagement level, switching, and other interests across multiple websites & applications.


1. Consumer insights based on actual behavior to understand demand before launching a new product. 

2. Enrich existing consumer segmentation for more insights and support better CRM strategy.

3. Monitor digital affinity and mobile adoption in your vertical.



UniPulse Icon White.png

is a secured market research platform that anonymously match your customer 

data to our digital insights and analytic, allowing an unprecedented view of the true customer journey, from when they start their digital search for a product or service to when they actually spend. The platform enables you to enrich your existing customer understanding with many new aspects, elevating your customer understanding to a new level.

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1. Discover your true customer journey from when they realized they have a need your products and services are a perfect match for: understand how a consumer became your customers.

2. Create custom segments through data synergies between 1st party data and 2nd party data.

3. See what kind of consumer behavior translates into good customers and bad customers.

4. Continuously measure and optimize campaign and segment performance. 


  • Conduct in-depth consumer research with real behavior, identifying positive/negative behavioral indicators for your customers and use the insight to refine your strategy to better appeal to your customers.

  • Perform advanced analytics and identify demand indicators.

  • Deploy predictive analytics to estimate lifetime value of potential new customers.

  • Deploy prescriptive personalization-at-scale with Big Data Insights, bypass the customer lifetime value development by offering the right price tier and value to the right consumer based on the demand indication.

  • Approach new customers in a personalized way through True customer base with a new level of consumer understanding.



AdPulse Icon White.png

is a marketing activation solution, providing brand exposure & visibility to the most 

appropriate quality audience profiles in True Digital’s ecosystem.

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  • Reach the right consumers at the right time, the right place, with the right tool 

    • Batch Hyper Targeting: Select target set(s) based on our standard consumer personas across 4 dimensions: demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral. Schedule communications through the most suitable channels to the target 

    • Real Time Hyper Targeting: Set rule(s) to trigger pre-defined communications to consumers behaving in specific ways visit specific location(s) / website(s) / app(s) or combinations of dimensions. Only consumers who completed set actions will receive alert.


  • Target consumers based on predefined criteria that fits with the intended product from past research findings.

  • New offer experimentations and defining unprecedented consumer segment with a true data driven approach where responses from random samples are analysed and used to define the right customer segment profile, removing pre-conception biases and help validate marketing hypotheses.

  • Personalized call-to-actions through the appropriate channel at the right place and time.

  • Customer takes actions as per jointly defined customer journey.

  • Post-campaign analysis and learning insights for future improvements.


LocalPulse Icon Colour-01.png

is an end-to-end location management platform to improve your brand's online visibility, increase your local search ranking, and manage your online reputation.


1. Increase online visibility of location-oriented businesses by placing all your physical outlets on maps.

2. Offers high value listing optimization and reputation services to boost local search results, customer engagement and foot traffic to physical stores.

3. One stop centralized platform to manage and sync information about all your locations across online directories.

4. Provides location-based advertising around your outlets through integrated channels.

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is an innovative mapping and analysis platform using anonymous and aggregated digital location data to show movement and crowdedness in real-time and changes over time to engage and enrich offline experiences.


  1. Real-time location data showing crowdedness and comparative change

  2. Integrate multiple data sources to enrich the analysis of location activities

  3. Set alerts for activity based on crowdedness and movement thresholds

  4. Analyze movement patterns in real-time


  • Enable adaption of responses in real-time with alerts and triggers

  • Monitor changes in movement and optimize 

  • Enrich analysis of location activities with anonymous data integrated with  proprietary data




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